The slogan “From the trench. One less day, one more design” invites us to think about confinement, our feelings, those who fight on the front line, those who are living this historic moment.

Desde las trincheras
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Social Poster

One sleepless night, almost two months after the start of the quarantine in Argentina, I thought looking at the ceiling – “suddenly, this house, this room, turned everything I know.” That’s how I felt the famous here and now more than ever. The most tangible thing I have is everything that surrounds me in this house; what happens, what I feel, what I smell, what I hear … future plans are even more uncertain than before, but the depth of now has never felt so strong.

And I believed that this feeling was common to all (generously generalizing everyone), because we all changed reality in the same second. We all had to build microworlds so as not to die trying.

* Quarantine continues, day 90.

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