Maca Lateülade is a graphic designer & illustrator born and raised in Buenos Aires.

She studied Graphic Design at UADE and complemented her training taking different workshops of illustration, typography, editorial design and UI at Espacio Virgen and El Gato Verde.

Her early years she has alternated her work between different studios, such as ImagenHB and Good Knife. After that period she led, for 4 years, the branding team of one of the largest technology companies worldwide. However, during all those years she never stop developing freelance projects — signing as üla.

I’m interested in simple forms and complex messages

Nowadays, she runs üla and collaborates with other design-studios around the world.

Open calls
16 Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México

Desde las trincheras — Poster call

Visual Design Mentor @ Maimonides University Hackathon 2019

Design Reviewer @ Digital House Portfolio Review, Nov 2019

Tinte, Illustration and block printing @ Espacio Virgen

Illustration and block printing @ Espacio Virgen (Monthly module of the annual Training)

I like to be in movement and learn every day; that’s why I read a lot, I explore topics that give me curiosity, I listen to music constantly and I enjoy nice walks.

This is how my mind looks like